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The web site Transerial.com is owned, edited and managed by the french entreprise TSHOPA SAS. RCS 851 575 209 Meaux.

The entreprise  Transerial is the holder of the french ministry of transport, by the "VTC" licence number 07718072201, valid until september 04nd, 2023.

Address and contact :

Postal : 05 rue des Oeillets 77500 Chelles, France.

Phone : + 33 669 184 626

E-mail : contact@transerial.fr

"...to Carreidas and Odl,

thanks for all and see you soon..."


F.A.Q. - Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I contact you from the Airport?

A. In the confirmation, we provide you with the local phone numbers of our suppliers. If a toll free number is available, you can call from any public phone at the airport, no cards or coins required.


Q. When is your operating?

A. Our reservation service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Q. How far in advance must I reserve?

A. Reservations can be done 24 hours in advance. However, we highly recommend you to make your reservations in advance.


Q. How far in advance can I change or cancel my reservation?

A. Reservations can be changed or cancelled up to 24 hours before transfer with no charge.


Q. Can I book over the telephone?

A. ViaTaxi is a complete online booking service therefore does not offer a reservation service via the telephone. However, we offer 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service via phone, email to support your booking questions. Our Customer Service guarantees turnaround within 24 hours, and most requests are answered within 1 hour.


Q. What's up if my arriving flight is delayed?

A. We will wait up to one hour after the scheduled arrival time of the carrier. After this time we will try our hardest possible to transfer you, but we cannot undertake any responsibility if this is not possible.


Q. Where are the meeting points with the drivers?

A. The drivers will be waiting for you at the exit of the customs, holding a sign with your name on it. In any case, we will provide you with the exact location where you will enjoy a personalized welcome.


Q. At which terminal will the driver drop me off on the departure?

A. The driver drops you off at the correct terminal of the airline that you are flying with.


Q. Why must I confirm my departure 24 hours before?

A. You must confirm your departure 24 hours in advance to make sure that all information concerning flight times, airport and pick-up address are correct.


Q. Do you provide car seats for children under 2?

A. Most of the companies provide car seats. If not children under 2 must sit on their parents lap.


Q. How much should I tip the driver?

A. Tips are at the discretion of the passenger and according to the service they received.


Q.: How can I pay? 

A: Very easy and safe. We are using PayPal, the system that is used by EBAY and offers the latest and best security technology.

Your can pay the following ways:

1) Per credit card through our PayPal account without extra costs

2) By cash directly to the driver on your arrival or departure.


Q. Are your shuttles and cars non smoking? Air conditioned? How many do they seat?

A. All shuttle are non smoking and air conditioned. The fleet of vehicles is primarily made up of vans with seating for up to 8 passengers, plus seating for the driver. For private transfers, most of the companies are using Sedan with seating for up to four passengers. They are equipped with air-conditioning and an internal communication system to offer fast and flexible service. Ample space in the back provides comfortable transport of luggage inside the vehicle.



Terms and conditions

Terms & conditions of carriage :   All clients must accept all terms & conditions of the carrier. Failure to do so will render the clients rights to compensation, refunds, alternative or replacement services invalid, null and  void. These terms & conditions must be read & agreed upon before the client purchases the carriers service. All clients using the carriers service must be in possession of a confirmation print out of their reservation. In the event that the client does not have a confirmation print out, the carrier reserves the right to refuse travel. No insurance for cancellation or assistance is included in the prices mentioned on the web site. Each customer has to check he has the appropriate documents for his journey .  The carrier reserves the right to alter & modify their terms & conditions of travel at any time.

Applicable law of These General Conditions and all the operations made through this web site are governed by the French law: if a dispute should happen, theParis Courtwould be competent, without regard to any other

Booking procedure :  The carriers service can only be used by pre-reservation. The carrier is bound by the French transport law of 11/2/1986 article 5 which states that the carrier must be in possession of a clear manifest stating clearly the names & destinations of the carriers clients. The reservation itself will only be accepted if the request is compatible with the booking restrictions imposed by the carrier. The client is responsible for ensuring that all information provided at the time of reservation is correct & valid.

A reservation request should not be considered as being accepted or confirmed until the client has received a confirmation e mail from the carrier. The prices indicated on this web site are in Euros and include all taxes unless otherwise stated. Any order or booking must be reconfirmed a minimum of 24 hrs before the arrival or departure day by the customer. After reception of the reconfirmation email, Transeriall send by e-mail: the mobile phone and the name of the driver wie will picked up the customer

Booking amendments,  refunds & cancellations : All complaints requesting amendendements, refund,  cancellations must be written, either by e-mail or postal & sent to the carrier. These will be investigated and a decision will be taken within 15 days of the reception of the complaint. Any order can be cancelled (or altered) only by sending a request to Transerial by e-mail to the following address: contact@transerial.com. 

For any cancellation made by the client, the following cancellation fees will apply: more than 12 hours before the transfer, 100% of refund; but less than 12 hours before the transfer, no refund payment.

Children : Children aged 2 & under will be transported free of charge provided that they are held in the arms of the parent or adults. Baby or child seats are not provided by the carrier.Clients that bring their own child seats must take full responsibility for the fitting of the seat & the subsequent safety of the child therein.

Personal Data : The clients private & personal data will be used solely by the carrier and will not be passed on to any third party with the exception of governmental & law enforcement authorities should they make such a request.

Arrivals procedure :  The arrivals procedure is always clearly stated within the reservation confirmation sent by the carrier to the client; If there is any problem, please contact your driver directly to his mobile phone number provided on your booking.

Late arrivals : The carrier will wait up to one hour after the scheduled arrival time of the client. After this time the carrier will attempt to transfer the late arrival client but undertakes no responsibility if this is not possible. The carrier is not liable for any additional costs that a late arrival may cause the client.

Departure procedure :  Clients must call the carrier at least 12 hours before their departure from Paris to reconfirm their pick up time. Clients using the carriers service to return to the airport must adhere to the pick up time provided by the carrier which will always be a minimum of 3 hours before the flight departure. In the event that the client does not adhere to the pick up time the carrier is the carrier responsible for any client that misses a flight, train, meeting or connection.

Strikes, demonstrations, war and terrorism : The carrier is not responsible for any delays, missed flights, connections and additional costs to the client incurred by strikes, demonstrations, war or terrorism actions that may take place both in France and throughout the world. During these times the carrier reserves the right to alter reservation confirmation pick up times as they may deem appropriate.

On board safety :  All clients are required to respect local laws & regulations. In accordance with French traffic law all clients must therefore wear seatbelts at all times whilst aboard the carriers vehicle. The carrier / driver reserves the right to refuse any clients that may be deemed unfit or unsuitable to travel.

Any client asked to leave the carriers vehicle at the drivers request or refused boarding of the carriers vehicle will not be able to claim any refund & the carrier will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by the client.

Luggage : No extra charge for the normal lagage that the order's vehicle could transport.

Animals : The carrier reserves the right to class all animals as additional items. In the event that there is insufficient space to take any additional items the carrier reserves the right to refuse the client from travelling. A full tarif for additional items may be obtained from the carrier . Large animals must be caged & placed in the rear of the vehicle.

Vehicles : In extreme circumstances the carrier reserves the right to replace its regular vehicles with alternative means of transport ; taxis, cars, alternative minivan operators, which may or may not display the carriers livery.

Smoking : Clients are informed that all vehicles supplied by the carrier are non- smoking.

Terms and conditions

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